Top Destinations For Beach Holiday Rentals

Top destinations for beach holiday rentals from a recent survey of visitors who were happy to confirm their most popular destinations as beach locations worldwide. 1. Portugal In a recent survey, holiday villas in Portugal proved to be the most popular destination for self catering golf accommodation. There were many reasons for this, but predominantly […]

The Benefits of Public Furniture

If you are purchasing public furniture such as litter bins, bollards, public seating or any other type of urban furniture, why should you go the additional mile and procure high quality bespoke street furniture? Although many organization will be price driven when purchasing street furniture, there are some excellent reasons why spending that little bit […]

Public Relations for a Civic Arts Plaza

When a city decides to spend taxpayer’s monies on a Grand Civic Arts Plaza, often there is a little political unrest. This is because not everyone will got to see a Ballet, Theatre Arts Performance or a Traveling Broadway Musical in town for a day or two. But it certainly does attract the right high-end […]

Finding the Beach of Your Vacation Dreams

A white sandy beach on a Caribbean island? A rocky beach in Nova Scotia? A glacial beach in Scandinavia? Or perhaps a cave-littered beach in France? Beaches are things of the imagination, and they don’t disappoint. To each dream, there is a beach to match. Given that the planet is two-thirds water and the land […]